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It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -Mark Twain

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Apollo Lunar Lander Hoax

Posted by Mist - 7 days ago

An intro to the moon landing hoaxes, I hope you enjoy.


Comments (11)

Why would people even fake the moon landing? Who would even benefit from that?

NASA gets billions of dollars for one, and for too it's a way to control people, make you believe in heliocentric-ism.

@MoritzJunker @Mist and how does making people think that the sun is the center of the solar system benefit anyone? I'm really confused on this one.

The powers that be have a nihilistic/satanic belief system. They want you to think you're just a little speck in the universe that's not important and you came from a godless big bang.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist So it's a religious thing? Do you believe in evolution?

Yes, most of the astronauts and 'scientists' that introduced heliocentricism were Freemasons.

I believe in micro-evolution, but there is no evidence for macro-evolution.

@Mist As someone who's never heard of freemasons before, what's the deal about them?

Freemasons are a secret society that worships Lucifer. Most of them are at the lower levels, but there are 33 degrees. 33 being the highest rank you can get. If you live in a city, you probably have a masonic lodge. These people study the occult and have contributed to lies to the masses. Members are bound by secrecy, and if they spill the beings they will most likely be killed.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist So they lie about this just because they hate God or is there any other non-religious reasons?

Not only do they hate God they hate the masses, they think we are dumb sheep. It's all about control with these people, control someone's perception of reality, and you control them.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist And how exactly does making people think the Earth orbits the Sun or making them think that people have been on the Moon help control peoples life, especially in a practical sense.

When a detective comes to a crime scene, he knows a crime has been committed. He doesn't dismiss the crime because lack of motive.

The Illuminati have strong beliefs, and they force them upon the world.

The point is, we have been lied too, why is besides the point.

Like I said, they want you brainwashed into satanism and easily manipulated. They don't want you to know the truth.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist what is the truth exactly?

That the earth is flat (most likely with a dome), it's in all the ancient texts. The sun, moon, planets, and stars are local and small. The moon is semi-transparent (you can see stars through it) and impossible to land on. History is all a lie and we have been indoctrinated with a bunch of nonsense since birth from a group of Illuminati Satanists that sacrifice children and drink their blood and control the world.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist May I ask is that a Lizard Person in your profile picture in-front of the All-Seeing Eye? Do you believe in Lizard People as well?

I believe in alien species yes. In fact, shape shifting reptilians may be the Illuminati and their puppets. There are videos of celebrities eyes changing into snake eyes. There are accounts of satanic abuse victims seeing their abusers changing into Reptilians. There's also accounts of seeing wild reptilians in the forest, as well as ancient cultures talking about them.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist So why do you find that human reptiles are more believable than people building a rocket-ship and flying to the moon?

Because there's a little evidence of reptiles. And contrary evidence to the moon. A scientists back in the 60s said the moon was made of Plasma and you could not land on it. And looking at the Lunar lander and space footage it looks extremely fake.

@MoritzJunker @Mist @Mist If there is little evidence of reptiles wouldn't you be less likely to believe it?

It took me years to believe any of this, but I looked into it in depth. It all started with questioning what we've been told.

Although the video you provided did not contain any substance, as most of it's false claims can be easily debunked and refuted with science, I actually did learn something on this newspost- your conversation with @MoritzJunker provided some insight into why you believe in the things that you do.